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The increased mining of sand at an alarming rate for construction purposes exposes the local wildlife and land to the sea and this lead to severe sea erosion whenever the water level in the sea rises, flood and loss of soil fertility among others.Sand mining is there a practice which has become a global environmental issue for which much education and awareness is needed to help solve the problem.

Mankind’s abusive behavior over the last years has caused tremendous damage to the earth's topsoil resulting in vast land degradation such as erosion, deforestation, water-logging and a decline in soil fertility. Land degradation has become a critical global issue because of its harmful effects on agricultural productivity, the ecosystem, as well as its impact on food security along with the quality of everyday life. It is our hope that by providing education on soil conservation, erosion and the adverse effect it poses to the environment the people will change their ways of doing things so we can safeguard and protect the environment.